Rowan, collie cross bitch

Dear Helen

I would just like to say what a difference feeding Feelwell’s Adult Food has made to the health and general well being of my four year old collie cross bitch.

I obtained Rowan as an 8 week old robust, chunky puppy from a farm in Devon. From day one she basically had a food problem with regular bouts of sickness/diarrhoea and skin and anal gland problems. Despite trying numerous “allergy” diets nothing seemed to work for long. Rowan had become a scrawny looking dog in very poor condition and seriously underweight. I had given up hoping to find a suitable food and was at the stage where I suspected she may well have an underlying, serious medical problem.

I happened across an advert for Feelwell’s and decided to give it one last go, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

What a dramatic difference it has made! At long last Rowan has put on weight, no more continual scratching or scooting. Her coat condition is excellent and her general health has been tremendously improved.

All I can say is thank you, I hope this testimonial will encourage other dog owners with problems to give Feelwell’s a go.

Gwyneth Jenkins

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Would recommend to any dog owner.
– jcblondon
My dog has a really sensitive tummy. Feelwell’s treats have never caused a problem.
– cksmum
Fantastic product – first bought at Crufts and works wonders.
– end 9010
Permanent addition to my dog’s diet. Her digestion improved 100% with these treats.
– Sparkle
Our boys love these, highly recommended treats.
– Gizsquarebobpants
My 4 collies love them, wanted to scoff the lot. Will be buying more. Thanks.
– Wendihar

Great treats – hypoallergenic AND probiotic – brilliant idea. My dogs love ‘em.
– howtony
Dogs love these – think I need to bulk buy.
– Katie210_12
My VERY choosy dogs love these treats –
– Juju
My fussy boys love them.
– love-it-1
Great product, my dog really loves these treats.
– peninepointer
Many thanks – will be back for more. Should have bought more at Crufts!
– davinciwarhol
As ever, excellent – my dog loves them.
– jcblondon
Fantastic treats all should try.
– dapperpetz
My dog loves them, I shall be back for more soon.
– jaffwaff

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