Life Stage Probiotic Treats

Contain canine specific probiotics to aid digestion. By giving your dog these every day, you top up the good bacteria in their system helping to keep their digestive system balanced. This results in the dog digesting their food better and taking more nutrients from it so there is less waste. If fed every day for two weeks you will notice that your dog has smaller firmer stools, less gas and better breath.
Feelwell’s Probiotic Treats are suitable for all dogs and especially for any dogs that suffer with:-
  • Sensitive digestion
  • Food intolerances
  • Dry / Itchy skin
  • Loose motions
  • Wind / Bad breath
  • Colitis
Probiotic Treats are available in Adult, Puppy &  Mature Varieties.
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Customer Feedback

I have been giving my dogs Feelwells treats for about 2 years. It is really nice to be able to feed treats that are full of the right things, instead of sugar and additives.

I would like to thank Helen…


New size for Probiotic Puppy Treats

We have now introduced a smaller Handy Pack in our best selling Probiotic Puppy Treats

This new bag is 100g so small enough to fit in your pocket but still has the resealable top.

Avaialable from Pets at Home or…