100% Meat Treats

These treats are just air dried 100% Meat – all made in the UK or EU. Suitable for all dogs from 12 weeks, including those on a Grain Free Diet No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, wheat or wheat gluten.
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Venison Sticks

The Feelwells Dogs have a varied diet including raw and we loved the idea of giving them raw, dried meat as a treat.  However, when we looked at what was available we were shocked to see that most of the products were not actually what they said on the packet.  Chicken Fillets were only 92% chicken with starch, glycerine, salt etc and they were actually cooked, not air dried.  Worse still they came from China, we would never feed our dogs anything from China, there are so many dogs in America who have become ill and died from eating Chinese dog treats.

We set about developing our own range of raw, air dried meat treats.  We now have some lovely British venison and some Beef & Chicken which we source from Europe and pack in Yorkshire.  These are exactly what it says on the pack – 100% Meat and they are not made in China

  • These tasty venison sticks are made from 100% meat
  • Made in the UK
  • Grain Free
  • 100% Venison
  • Air Dried
  • Suitable for all dogs and especially those with a sensitive digestion, food allergies or intolerances and those on a Grain Free Diet
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives – these treats are air dried


100% venison meat in sausage casing derived from natural collagen


Protein 54.3%, Crude Fibre 12.9%, Oils & Fats 25.7%, Crude Ash 5.9%, Moisture 14.10%.

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£4.49 per 100g bag

Feeding Guide

A complementary food that can be fed at any time as a treat or snack. We advise that your dog's food ration should be reduced accordingly to avoid weight gain.

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