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Introducing Hudson – the new Feelwell’s Puppy
October 28th, 2012

On the 14th October, Lola our Border Terrier, gave birth to just one puppy who we have called Hudson.  His dad is our other Border Terrier Alfie.

He is a healthy little chap, developing well, only 2 weeks old but already his eyes are opening and he is starting to walk.

As he doesn’t have any litter mates we have got him some beanies to cuddle up with and climb over and a heartbeat pillow for when mum is away.

He already has his own Twitter feed – @Hudson_BT and we will regularly post pictures on our Facebook Page.

He will be working on the Feelwell’s stand with the other dogs next year


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Honest, Responsible & Ethical

PETA pet foodWe are on the PETA list of Ethical Pet Food Companies as we do not test our products on animals, nor do we support or condone animal testing in any way.

Campaign for Real Pet FoodWe are one of the founder members of the Campaign for Real Pet Food which is working hard to promote the use of good quality ingredients and clear and honest labeling in pet food.

We are also in the Ethical Company’s Good Shopping Guide – only the top 30% of any market sector are eligible for this so we are very proud of our achievement.