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Crufts Events
January 23rd, 2015

We will be in our usual place at Crufts Hall 2 – Stand 90 and in addition to all our very special show offers we will have:-

Mike & CrackerThursday

Greater Manchester Fireman Mike Dewar will be on the stand with his Forensic Investigation Dog Cracker.  Mike runs the Greater Manchester Fire Dog Team which comprises of Search & Rescue and Forensic Investigation Dogs.  Mike and his dogs work hard in very difficult circumstances to save lives.  We are very honoured to sponsor them and are very excited to see them again on the stand.  You can chat to Mike, hear more about his work and find out how he trains his dogs to such a high level.









BT Posse 2015 CalSaturday

The BT Posse is a group of over 700 tweeting Border Terriers of which the Feelwells dogs are very proud members.  Over the year we share photos, fun, laughter, tips, organise tweet ups and offer support when needed.

We decided that we wanted to help the little Border Terriers that were not as lucky as ours and last year we launched the BT Posse calendar – over 280 pictures of Border Terriers doing what they do best.  This was so successful that we did another this year (still for sale) and we will present the cheque to Tony Wrenn, the Chairman of Border Terrier Welfare on our stand on Saturday at 3.30pm






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Honest, Responsible & Ethical

PETA pet foodWe are on the PETA list of Ethical Pet Food Companies as we do not test our products on animals, nor do we support or condone animal testing in any way.

Campaign for Real Pet FoodWe are one of the founder members of the Campaign for Real Pet Food which is working hard to promote the use of good quality ingredients and clear and honest labeling in pet food.

We are also in the Ethical Company’s Good Shopping Guide – only the top 30% of any market sector are eligible for this so we are very proud of our achievement.